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Once upon a time . . .

If we remembered, we used to get the full-year students together at

the end of the course for a group pic that they could treasure for

ever . . . but only two of the pix seem to have survived in my

random collection of memorabilia. They are below.


ABOVE:  June 1972 - the academic-year students who worked on the first-ever Richmond Reporter. (They are all aged 60-odd now, near enough.)  They were (in alphabetical order, not as in the picture): Debbie Ambrose (London), Lesley Bray (Boston), Dick Bower (Leicester), Lorna Doyle (Manchester), Martin Finney (Leicester), Jennifer Goldsmith (Bradford), Mandy Green (Scarborough), Keith Hamer (Barnsley), Geraldine Hosier (London), Sue Kettlewell (Grimsby), Andy Knowles (Loughborough), Ian Lyness (Barnet), Helen Maskill (Halifax), Sarah Morley (Lincoln), Fiona Pentith (Stratford), Judy Powell (Derby), Juliette Rudderham (Northampton), Jo Shirt (Ilkley), Alan Whitaker (Bradford),  Paul Williamson (Heanor).

 BELOW: Taken on some outside visit during the academic year 1970-71 - my first year at the college.   Peter Steward (then on the Daily Telegraph) spotted it and supplied left-to-right details, as follows . . .


Peter Lee, Peter O'Connell, Dick Rayment, Gary McLeod, Joe Coonan, Erica Snow, Paul Thompson, Chris Myers, Jane Howroyd, Marilyn Gubbins, Paul (Jake) Durrant, Celia Gosling, Roger Stansfield, Ruth Sealy, Phil Round, David (Flash) Kilpatrick. Foreground: Peter Steward, Lynda Render, Peter Ferguson.


(See Peter's letter on the Letters Page)

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