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DEANA MORRIS writes:           'Here's a picture sent to me by Rick Peach which shows some of the FJ1A gang from 1984 coming back from London after our trip to Parliament.  Pictured on the left: Rick Peach, Paul Bolton and Graham Moorby. On the other side of the bench - me by the window, Andy Heading and Liz Warner.  Andy is now an adventurer extraordinaire (Google him!) and Liz has her own TV production company called bettyTV.'

DANNY CARPENTER (centre front in this 1983 pic) became a TV reporter in Yorkshire (there'll be more from him soon on the Letters Page).


He writes: Here outside college are Sam from Tamworth, Linda Barker, Mike Chilvers, then a girl  who could be Janice,  then a nice guy from Sheffield (Ian, maybe?),  Left, front row, is Russ (rumoured at the time to be paying his way through college as a semi-pro gambler!),


GERRY ADDS: The smiling laid-back chap at bottom right is Rob Madill, later Content Editor on the Coventry Telegraph

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