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They went to Richmond College . . .

I have kept in touch with a lot of journalism students over the years, and I'm always interested to learn how they made out in the big wide world.    So I thought I'd list as many as I could on this final page of the website, just for the record.  I realise that it can never be a complete list. Nor, where jobs are concerned, can it ever be totally up to date . . . people move around in this ever-changing business of ours.


But here they are, in no particular order, for your browsing pleasure! If I've missed you out, do get in touch - the list will constantly be updated.  


Gerry. (January 2013)

A fairly recent check produced the following details:

Nick Pigott, Daily Express and now consultant editor on The Railway Magazine, which he edited for 21 years;  Ian Spindley, marketing consultant based in Wales; Mark Witty,  ITV in Leeds; Jose Harris, Devon and Cornwall police PR; Phil Wardman,  Sky News head of planning; Lisa Roland, Manchester Evening News; Alan Biggs, national sports-writer, part-time lecturer; Ian Bevitt, one of three directors on the ITV ‘Home Front’ series;  Tim Blott, a Newsquest regional MD; Clare Jardine, Plymouth Herald deputy editor; Andy Simpson, Daily Mail letters editor; Susan D'Arcy, Sunday Times travel writer; Richard Keeble, Lincoln journalism professor and author; Paul Mace, MD of Macesport agency; Richard Wardle, journalism lecturer in Cornwall; Peter Steward, Daily Telegraph; Roger Houldcroft, ex Stoke Sentinel, now PR and teaching; Lorna Unwin, London University professor of education; Mike Davies, now a playwright and a winner of the National Playwriting Competition; Jo Overty, PR with the Isle of Man government; Graham Marsden, Daily Mail sports sub; Kath Wilkinson, runs her own PR business; Iain Carter, BBC golf correspondent; Nigel Thompson, Daily Mirror travel editor; Ben Sharratt, freelance magazine writer; Roger Protheroe, a Sky news editor; Janette Sykes, Peak District tourism PR manager; Colin Sykes, BBC North West Tonight; Simon Bradshaw, Henley Standard editor; Debbie Breslaw, ex-nationals, now a magistrate; Glyn Evans, Daily Mail features sub; Stafford Hildred, ex Fleet Street and author of 25 biographies; Nicholas Comfort, author and Daily Telegraph obituarist.  Chris Holland, Bradford Telegraph and Argus business editor; Roger Wilkinson, Daily Mail features sub and a journalism trainer; Christopher Moore, a SkyNews senior producer - and Sally Maitland, Chris's wife, various weeklies and then a Northcliffe lobby reporter; Victoria Mather; Lloyd Watson; Geri Hosier;  Alan Whitaker, Principal Communications Officer with the Environment Agency, Yorkshire and the North East; Margaret Hicks-Clarke (formerly Wordsworth), Head of Operations, The Press Association; Phil Round, retired and in Canada; Alan Oakley, News Corp, Australia;  Jonathan Baker, ex-BBC, now lecturing. (See Jonathan's letter on the Letters Page for more names . . .)


And here's a string of other ex-Richmond names, some of which you'll recognise:


Paul Browes,  Paul Linford, Nigel Pickover,  Steve Hall,  David Shukman, Judy Rees, Jeremy Clarkson, Sarah Batley, Ben Sharratt, Chris Hartley, Andrew Heading, Andrew Chapman, Anthony Green, Bill Marshall, Richard Bowyer, Paul Calverley, Carmel O’Toole, Christine Moss, Dave Chambers, David Helliwell, David Jennings, Deborah Bowyer, Fiona Firth, Franceska Hanikova, Geraldine Hackett, John Goodwin, Graham Breeze, Helen Fospero, Hilary Ford , Ian Ross, Janette Sykes, Clare Jardine, David Jennings, John Heppenstall, John Morgan, Jose Harris, Joyce Bishop, Judy Gordon, Julie Horwood, Kath Wilkinson, Keith Higginbottom, Dorothy Lepkowska, Lester Middlehurst, Lisa Roland, Martin Edmunds, Melody Ryall, Mike Treacy, Neil Fowler, Neil Speight, Nicola Megson, Nigel Scott, Jo Grady, Patrick Astill; Pete Devine, Richard Billinge, Rob Haddow, Mike Sassi, Keith Scrivener, Simon Bradshaw, Simon Meeks, Stephanie Pollard, Steven Berriman, Ted Bruning, Neil Wallis, Patricia Thompson,  Gerry Hunt, Ian Lyness, Peter Steward, and Joy Aldred   (See the picture pages too, where there will be some overlap.)

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