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RIGHT: This shot of the 1972-73 group was taken on a sunny June day before they left for jobs up and down the country (Grimsby Telegraph, Reading Evening Post, the Lincolnshire Standard, Hemel Hempstead Echo, the Newark Advertiser, the Sheffield Star among others).  I have the names of all but two of them - but not in any particular order.


 Somewhere on the picture, therefore, are . . .


Christine Shelton, Angela Frayne, Stewart Payne (who earned a byline for an  M1 crash story), Lynn Ashwell, Susan Dale, Sandra Beck,  Paulette Knowles, Josanne Wood, Graham Bell, Susanna West, Claire Lucy, Chris Murray (a budding sports writer), Jill Ebbon, Dave Myton, Glynn Brailsford (keen on cinema), Dave Reynolds, Anne Fussell (who got a byline for her parachute-jump story), Philip Batts and Carole Freeman.  Where are they all now, I wonder?  If you spot the young you, do get in touch.


I note in the Richmond Reporter that Sandra and Paulette interviewed Cliff Richard (we used to fix celebrity interviews) and asked him if he planned to get married. He replied: 'Put it this way - I don't intend to remain single.' Good quote, eh!


Those 1970-71 students - and where they

went to work . . .

Pictured above, off on an outing, are some of the 1970-71 students.  Luckily, the much-creased photo is accompanied by left-to-right details of the complete group (lower picture on the previous page). So here's the list. The papers mentioned after each name show where the student later worked . . . but this will be many years out of date.


Peter Lee (S.Yorks Times), Peter O'Connell (LBC producer), Dick Rayment (Surrey Mirror), Gary McLeod, Joe Coonan, Erica Snow, Paul Thompson (Sheffield Star), Chris Myers (news editor, Motorcycle Weekly), Jane Howroyd (Chester Chron, Liverpool Echo), Marilyn Gubbins (Leicester Mercury), Paul Durrant (East Anglia DT), Celia Gosling (Leicester Mercury, then Wolverhampton), Roger Stansfield (Huddersfield Examiner), Ruth Sealy (Cambridge Evening News),  Phil Round (Halifax Courier, later Pennines tourism), David 'Flash' Kilpatrick (Sheffield Star); in the foreground: Peter Steward (East Anglia, then Birmingham Post, then London Evening Standard), Lynda (surname missing!), and Pete Ferguson (Worksop, Colchester, Daily Mail in Manchester).

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